Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.010.20064

The premium version of a PDF reader software that also has creation and editing tools

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019.010.20064
Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Professional 11.0.09

Adobe Acrobat Professional is a paid for software that allows for users to write, read, and edit PDFs with ease. Adobe Acrobat is the leading software in PDFs and allows for more flexibility and security than any other PDF reader or creator. This is a must-have for every computer!

Adobe Acrobat Professional allows for users not only to create, read, and edit, it allows for tremendous flexibility and creativity. Users can add watermarks, signatures, and stamps to personalize their content. Adobe Acrobat Professional even has the ability to leave comments on PDFs and to make OCR scans. OCR scanning software allows for any document scanned onto Adobe Acrobat Professional to be turned into an editable text format that can be changed, copied, pasted, or deleted. Adobe Acrobat Professional even allows for minor changes to be made to images that are within the PDF. It also allows for users to add forms that have either been made within Adobe or online.

Adobe Acrobat Professional makes it incredibly easy to share files and to save them in Word formatting. Everything works within a very colorful and simple interface that has a homepage with large easily identifiable icons. Getting things done on the computer has never been more accessible than with Adobe Acrobat Professional, even the most novice of users can navigate this program.

There have been some complaints that the startup time for Adobe Acrobat Professional can be slow and takes a while to transfer in between the different features. It also takes a large amount of time to fully download this software and it does need updates from time to time.

Overall, the Adobe Acrobat Professional is not only worth paying for, it is a needed purchase for anyone trying to use a computer in the modern world.


  • OCR scanning
  • Create, read, and edit PDFs easily
  • Add watermarks, signatures, and stamps to personalize content
  • Great for content sharing, especially in the workplace


  • It is a paid for software and the free version is not robust enough to do everything the average person needs
  • Can be slow
  • Downloading takes a substantial amount of time

One of the most widely used commercial software produced by Adobe Systems Incorporated is Acrobat Professional, which allows the creation and manipulation of PDF files using high quality development tools. Adobe allows Windows and Macintosh users to download PDF readers for free, which allows fully illustrated books to be opened and consumed electronically.

This convenient technology creates demand for professionals who can build books for the PDF format. In fact, paperback books are often stored electronically in a high resolution PDF file and then printed on large and highly computerized presses. Any person with a PDF version of a book can potentially print and distribute hard copies. Because of its commercial value, people who can use Adobe Acrobat Professional sometimes command high salaries.

Although the Adobe Acrobat Reader can view PDF files and print them, it cannot open these files for editing and cannot build them. Microsoft Office can build PDF files with an upgrade provided by Adobe, but a full Microsoft Office Suite is about as expensive as purchasing Acrobat Professional. This Adobe software can create fine tuned presentations using text boxes and picture inserts. It can save documents to formats that are compatible with Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

Webpages and high resolution photographs can be converted into PDF files with an efficient compression ratio or no compression at all. Adobe Acrobat Professional is widely used because of is ability to manipulate documents saved in many different formats. It comes with templates and business solutions that are able to assist in very common office problems. Multiple users can work on the same file, allowing for network collaboration.

These additional features allow Adobe Acrobat Professional to find wide appeal among business owners of different stripes. Most businesses must print a large order of fliers or standard documents at one point or time and accomplish this by sending a PDF file to a third party printer. This is why knowing how to use Acrobat as a development tool is a bread-and-butter office skill.

The two disadvantages are frequent version update and the available of freeware PDF creators. Although Microsoft Office licenses an official PDF builder from Adobe, open source software that manipulates photos or creates written documents sometimes include a generic PDF builder. Adobe Acrobat still has an advantage in quality, because many freeware have unfamiliar tools and limited multimedia packages that cannot render a refined product.

Adobe Acrobat Professional has its Pros and Cons.

Advantages include:

* Wide recognition and classroom training

* Versatile tools and format compatibility

* Abundant Wizards and Templates for business solutions

* Optimized for Adobe Reader

Disadvantages include:

* High cost

* Large download size

* Availability of smaller and cheaper PDF creators

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